Cloud distribution

MONT Cloud Distribution helps partners build and transform the business of selling IT solutions delivered as cloud and subscription services. MONT Cloud Distribution is:

  • Automated platform
  • Technical support 24x7
  • Sales Support
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Cloud Distribution

The service allows to easily engage new and existing MONT partners of different business profiles: outsourcers, system integrators, resellers, Internet providers, telecom operators, hosting companies and retailers.

Work on a convenient portal for partners

Order placement and monthly billing through an automated platform. It's fast and easy.

Subscription catalog

Subscriptions on your own.


Shipping documents that include subscription usage reports broken down by vendor and customer.

Subscription management

Changing subscription options, adding additional products, stopping, resuming, changing the expiration date.

Services for partners

Marketing Support

Ready materials for working with customers: scripts, letter templates, presentations. Assistance in promoting partner offers to customers: telemarketing, Digital.

Sales Support

Solving logistics issues with suppliers. Selection of software for the customer’s task. Technical demonstrations and consultations on the transition to cloud services

Technical Support

Free support for partners and customers. Prompt response and the fastest resolution of requests.